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Area rugs can make or break the allure of an office or home. Subtlety is the name of the game. The case for the area rug is simple. They come in such a variety of shapes and sizes that one can basically be put anywhere. This cannot be said for hardwood, tile, laminate, or any other type of flooring. If there is a small area which is at the center of attention in a room, such as the coffee table in a living room, then an area rug is perfect. As far as comfort is concerned, there are fashionable rugs made out of some of the softest materials on the planet, such as mink or velvet. Though, one does not have to go to such costly extremes to find an area rug easy on the toes. There are simple shag carpets which are within the means of most, but are surprisingly smooth. As far as style, there are areas rugs in every color, in multiple colors, in sports team logos, in animal prints, in oriental patterns, in classic, modern, and contemporary fashions. You name it and it exists – and if it doesn’t there is someone who will make it for you, usually at a rather reasonable rate to boot. Area rugs really are one size fits all. Plus, they are arguably the most economical flooring option available.

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Area rugs vary in quality and durability according to their manufacturer. Nevertheless, area rugs tend to last almost as long as wall-to-wall carpeting, though let us not forget, at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, the process of obtaining a new area rug, or set of new area rugs, is costless. You simply pick up the rug and leave it out with the trash. The next day you purchase another and just sit in place of the old one. When getting rid of basically any other type of flooring, there is always a notable if not significant cost to the consumer. Ripping up old hardwood floor is extremely costly as well as time consuming. Removing wall-to-wall carpeting is not nearly as bad as hardwood but it is not cheap. This is also true of vinyl or laminate flooring. This is not to mention the final process of getting rid of all of the wood, carpeting, vinyl, etc. You can’t just leave hundreds of wood planks or feet of carpeting at the curb. These are all important considerations when in the marketing for floor covers. Then, after the removal process is through, there is still the process of re-installing the floorings. This means that all of the furniture has to be removed out of each room, one by one as the floor of choice is installed. This is an extremely uncomfortable and long procedure. Area rugs are easy.

If one is an eco-consumer and looking to acquire “green” area rugs, what might they do? The best course of action, or one of them at least, is to search for bamboo rugs. Bamboo area rugs have actually become rather popular in the last several years. They are relatively cheap, but long-lasting, and they look great almost anywhere. The reason bamboo rugs are considered to pass the general “green” test is because they are made of quite possibly the most sustainable plant on earth. Sustainability, in broad terms, is typically defined as how easily a resource can be replenished. In the case of bamboo, there is no question here. For bamboo can grow by more than a foot and half a day. A material like that is not exceedingly difficult to maintain. That said, bamboo area rugs really are a great choice to serve your green flooring needs.

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