The Area Rug Plaza is dedicated to assisting the general public in their pursuit of new flooring with up-to-date and valuable information.

As flooring choices abound with the development of new technologies, such as laminate, linoleum and vinyl flooring, rendering a thoughtful choice is hard.

Should I get an area rug to cover that ugly spot on my wood floor, or should I just redo the whole room with new wood? Do we want to have a series of area rugs working in concert to spruce up our house or do we just want to get vinyl flooring? How long do rugs last in a house with multiple pets? Which type of area rugs gives me the best quality for the price – oriental, bamboo, silk, or synthetic?

What do area rugs have to offer that say wall-to-wall carpeting or laminate do not? Are there environmentally friendly area rugs on the market? These are all very common questions the average consumer ponders when considering area rugs as their flooring choice. The Area Rug Plaza is here to help.

Area rugs offer a very reasonably priced alternative to having an entire floor redone.

When people are looking to redo an entire room or even household it is usually because of only a few eyesores. That said, does it make sense to put up the big cash for a whole new floor when you can cover these unsightly spots with a quality area rug? Would you buy a new car just because a seat was worn and a paint job faded, or just because the battery dies? No. It’s fiscally irresponsible. Area rugs save you money.

The other great thing about area rugs is that you can change them around whenever you feel like it.

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