Brighten up Your Home with a New Rug This Spring

One of the best ways to add a fresh look to your home this spring is with a gorgeous new rug.  From shaggy, deep pile rugs to sink your feet into to colourful bold, floral patterned rugs, there are plenty of different styles to suit even the most discerning home owner or tenant this season.  If you’re living in rented property, you might not be able to freshen up your interior by redecorating, but investing in accessories such as a pretty new rug is a great way to add interest to even the most boring, bland magnolia-painted space.

Fun with florals

Bold floral printed rugs have always been a popular choice, and this spring they’re set to be hotter than ever.  Choose fresh, mint and apple greens to bring the outdoors in – you don’t have to stick to just florals, you can incorporate cool leaf prints too.  For an opulent look, deep aubergines and fiery scarlets make a real impact and are a great choice for bedrooms, whilst brightly coloured rugs with damask patterns are still popular this season too.  For those looking to add impact whilst keeping things neutral, a beige or mocha coloured rug with a colourful floral pattern is a great way to create interest without going over the top.

Nicely neutral

Of course, you don’t have to go bold when it comes to rug design – neutral colours work just as well.  Why not consider adding a deep chocolate brown shaggy rug or coffee coloured runner to your home for a look that won’t break the bank and is sure to make your friends envious?  Sheepskin rugs are another great choice; they’re ideal for the bedroom but also great to sink your feet into in the living room.  Traditional white sheepskin rugs or a neutral coloured sheepskin will look great in a contemporary living room and also feel great under your feet at the end of a long day!

Be Eclectic

Eclectic rugs with a multi-coloured pattern are great for adding interest to a neutrally decorated room.  This spring, rugs with a watercolour style design are popular – the pattern is subtle yet has instant impact, and these types of rugs look beautiful against dark wood laminate floors.  Or why not go for multi-coloured stripe rugs for an ethnic feel? Have a look at some here. These rugs with their rich, opulent shades of red, orange and purple help to add a cosy feel to any room.

Rugs are the perfect way to add colour to any room and change your interiors without redecorating – they’re also ideal for creating cosiness in rooms lacking in warmth.  Laminate floors and neutral walls can make a house or apartment feel cold in the winter months, and rugs feel soft and luxurious underfoot, making them perfect for rooms you relax in, such as the living room or bedroom.  Rugs can also be used to great effect in children’s rooms, where they protect carpet from everyday wear and stains.  Make sure you choose some vibrant, colourful rugs from this season’s range to brighten up your home!

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